The Frederic Schuller Lectures Are the Best in the World

I believe the Frederic Schuller lectures are the best way to learn how the universe works from first principles. Most resources are very surface level and don’t truly explain what’s going on.

The lectures start at logic, and go through set theory, topology, manifolds, smooth manifolds, bundles, tensors, differential forms, lie algebras. They eventually build up to explaining general relativity and the standard model completely from first principles.

The Frederic Schuller Lectures Are Ideal for Applying the Feynman Technique

The Feynman Technique is where you learn by periodically explaining the concepts to somebody else. The technique is so effective that I based the Feynman Mafia on this idea.

Because the lectures explains everything from the ground up, it means you can ask “why why why” and justify everything. When you explain to somebody, every explanation can be challenged.

Suggested Resources to Accompany the Lectures

There are in fact two series by Frederic Schuller that go with each other very well. First is the lectures on the geometric anatomy of theoretical physics. And second is the lectures on gravity and light. I recommend starting with the geometric anatomy one until you arrive at topology, and from that point on listen to both lectures series.

For problem sets, the geometric anatomy ones were lost to time. And the gravity and light series still has its problem sets in the form of recordings. I’m working on regaining access to these problem sets in PDF form.

This blog has great lectures notes on the geometric anatomy series. This blog has great notes on the gravity and light series.

For a community of people with members actively going through the lectures, join the Feynman Mafia.

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